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Diamox (acetazolamide) is a prescription medicine from the team called sulfa drugs. It's most frequently made use of to address fluid loyalty, glaucoma, epilepsy and hill health issues. Although it is often well endured you could have several of the negative effects, such as reduction of appetite, constant peeing, looseness of the bowels, prickling and puking in the ears. Do not combine this medicine with high dosages of pain killers as it could bring about death. , if you took place to miss an amount do not take a dual amount.. You could simply miss the amount missed out on and go back to your normal application routine.

Some unusual and serious side effects of this medicine could consist of swellings, temperature and sore neck. These symptoms need to be reported to your health treatment service provider as soon as feasible as they might imply your dosage needs a change. Make sure you after every one of your medical professional's suggestions and keep all the visits for your condition to be closely monitored. Do not start taking any sort of brand-new medicines without consulting your health care provider to avoid drug interactions.

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